85 Osgood St

Architectural Description: 

NRIND NRMRA, It is Federal in architectural style with the square form and a chimney at each end. Its formality, including the very inclusion of a dining room, marks the refinement and high taste of the period; much attention to detail in arrangement of window panes, sashes and yet, the old oak beams are still held together by wooden pegs.
Fan lights over main entrance doors, chair rails define wainscoting in several interior rooms

Historical Narrative: 

Present owner William & Maureen Brogan - 2003
Original owner of land - Samuel Blanchard/Stephen Osgood, of house: John Flint.
Themes - Agricultural, Architectural and Community Development.

Section bounded by Lovejoy-Dascomb Roads- Haggett's Pond and Tewksbury line - once Blanchard's Plain.

Samuel Blanchard owned land as early as 1662 in "West Andover". Moved here from Charlestown, MA later with 2nd wife and had garrison house on Haggetts Pond Road; served as selectman 1683, died in 1707 first burial of record in West Parish Cemetery. His daughter Hannah and husband Stephen Osgood, gave this land to their son, Joshua in 1750. Joshua married Mary Flint and presumably had house here, but no longer exists. Joshua left his dwelling place and barns to his son, Joshua Osgood Jr., who lived here until 1801. Osgood then sold out to John Flint, probably a cousin, of Reading.

John Flint began building house 1809 and completed it in 1811. Flint died in 1824, willing the house to his third son, Alanson Flint.

Mary D. Way of Tewksbury, MA purchased the 69 acre “Flint Farm” farm on May 7, 1895 from the Flint heirs Henry K. Flint and his sister Maria H. Flint. Clarence Way inherited the farm and sold in July 1923 to William B. & Frances Corliss who came to Andover to manage the Bliss Farm. With the Great Depression of the 1930’s the Corliss family lost their farm to the Home Owners Loan Corp. in June 1939. The bank had held the mortgage since June 1934.

On July 1, 1939 Vincent Treanor Jr. and his wife Dorothy (Neil) Treanor of Methuen, MA purchased the farm. They began restoration of the old homestead which continued for the next 64 years the family owned the property. An old two old two-story ell on the east side of the house which was used as a milk room and housed a well was in poor condition and was razed. The foundation was rebuilt and a new one story “Club room” rebuilt on the same footprint. The Treanors’ dream was to raise thoroughbred horses, so an existing wagon barn was reworked into a stable, a new barn built to store hay and grain, paddocks and fences built and thoroughbreds purchased. The farm named “Hobby Horse Farm” operated from 1940-1943 as a horse farm. With the beginning of WWII the horses were sold and chickens bred to aid in the war effort. The paddock was converted into a Victory Garden. The orchards and blueberry fields also added to the farm income. In 1956 an in-gound swimming pool was built, one of first in West Andover. The Treanors’ three children Vincent III, Susan and Edward all enjoyed the rural setting of their childhood farm. With the construction of interstates 93 and 495 through Andover farmland in town slowly sold succumbed to developers for house lots. The Treanor’s original 69 acres farm also suffered the same fate. After the death of Dorothy in 1987 the children inherited the homestead and remained in their stewardship until July 2003 when they sold to William & Maureen Brogan.


See 1980 National Register nomination for updated information Vol. 16.
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Mrs. Glen Grant, owner 62 Osgood Road
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Inventory Data:

StreetOsgood St
PlaceWest Parish - West Andover
Historic DistrictIndividual National Register Listing
Historic NameJohn Flint House & Farm
Present Useresidence
Original Usefarmhouse
Construction Date1809-1811
SourceTreanor home history
Architectural StyleFederal
Architect/BuilderJohn Flint
Foundationstone & granite
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuressmall wagon barn converted into stable in 1939-49 destroyed by fire 1972 -
Major AlterationsEast two story ell razed in 1940 by Treanor family and rebuilt as one story on some foot print. Landscaping and stone wall terracing 1940's Additional barn / stable built behind front barn All interior utilities renewed during Treanor ownership 1939-2003
Acreage3.35 acres
Map and parcel178-9
MHC NumberANV.421
Recorded byStack/Mofford; James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77 updated 2013