89 Main Street
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Architectural Description: 

Queen Anne style

Historical Narrative: 

This impressive Queen Anne style home was built for Dr. Cyrus W. Scott a physician and surgeon in town. The property was once land of Amos Blanchard in 1818 who built his home at 97 Main Street and is now the home of the Andover Historical Society. The lot was sold to Cyrus Scott on November 17, 1894 for $3500 by the heirs of the Edward Taylor estate of 97 Main St.

Andover Townsman on April 30, 1897 p1: Architect Allen of Lawrence has completed plans for and $8000 residence for Dr. C. W. Scott. It will be erected on his lot on Main Street, between W. H. Gile’s and Dr. Merrill’s. May 21, 1897 p1 AT - Searles of Lawrence, has been awarded the contract to build Dr. Scott’s new residence on Main Street. W. H. Welch & Co. have the plumbing contract for C.W. Scott’s new residence on Main Street. May 28, 1897 AT - Work has begun on the cellar for Dr. Scott’s new residence on Main Street. July 16, 1897 AT p2. Work on Dr. Scott’s new house on Main Street is progressing rapidly. The plumbing is being put in by William H. Welch.

Dr. Scott was living across the street at #90 Main St. in 1897 where he conducted his practice in the rented residence. In 1899 his new home is listed as 87 Main St. then changed to 89 Main St. in 1901. The house served as residence and office for his practice.

Cyrus Wallace Scott was born April 29, 1856 in Clover, VT., son of Wilbur & Ann L. (Moulton) Scott. As a young man Cyrus worked in a cotton mill in Manchester, NH. He married on March 8, 1878 in Vermont to Cora W. Dow b. Jan. 10, 1859 in Lyman, NH, daughter of Webster M. & Priscilla (Chamberlin) Dow. They were married by Rev. H.W. Scott. The couple lived at 31 Market St. in Manchester in 1880. Cyrus later entered the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in NY and became a physician. He was noted as one of the best known homeopathy practitioners in the East. He moved to Andover, MA and began his practice here about 1885. They had one son George Wallace Scott born September 28, 1888 in Andover. Sadly his wife Cora died. AT June 13, 1890 pg. 4 – Cora E. wife of Dr. C. W. Scott died yesterday morning at her home on Main St. after a long illness. She was 31 years old and was born in Lyman, NH. Funeral, to-morrow 2 pm and internment in Spring Grove. On January 15, 1891 the Andover Townsman p.1 reports; Dr. C. W. Scott married Lizzie P. Field of So. Newmarket, NH, Thursday at the bride’s home. Dr. Scott’s second marriage was also a short one as he remarries in 1897.
December 24, 1897 AT - Dr. D. W. Scott and Lilla J. Manson daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F.W. Manson of Newton Highlands, were married Wed. Dec. 15.....

Dr. Scott retired and leased the house for two years, with an option to buy, to Harriet A. Wheeler on May 17, 1923 for $1392. per year. The asking price on the property was $18,000. Dr. Scott sells the property to William T. Ledwell of Chicago, IL on Oct. 24, 1924. Scott reserves the right for Harriet A. Wheeler to occupy the home until May 1, 1925. Scott also holds the mortgage to Mr. Ledwell for $15,000. In August 1932 Dr. Scott, now living in Florida, assigns the mortgage to the Boston Safe Deposit & Trust Co.
In the midst of the Great Depression William Ledwell was unable to meet the commitment on the loan and the property was foreclosed on in April 1936.
On May 2, 1936 Dr. Nathaniel & Anna Marie Stowers purchase the property and Dr. Stowers, a dentist, moves over from across the street where he had his practice at 84 Main Street from 1930 – 1936. Dr. Stowers died in 1952? intestate and the property deed is conveyed to his wife Anna M Stowers on November 14, 1952.
Anna Stowers sold to C. Lincoln & E. Janice Giles on August 29, 1961. Lincoln Giles was an architect and developer responsible for converting several properties in town to multi-use income buildings for businesses and rental for residents. Today we would consider his approach as adaptive reuse with a contemporary Colonial Revival style. Giles combined the former Scott home with the adjoining Hulme property at #93 to create the “Old Andover Village” shopping complex in 1963. The main bodies of the two houses were incorporated into the new complex. Several exterior and interior features were included in the store designs and second floor apartments. The former formal Scott entrance was moved to the north side of the house to become the entrance to the former Yankee Lady Dress shop. The roof lines are still visible above the street facade as are original chimneys and side walls as you stroll through the center courtyard. The deed transfers of both properties at #93 & # 89, to C. Lincoln Giles occurred on the same day.
The Scott carriage barn to rear of the property was the home of the Andover Book Store until 2017, the only tenant to occupy the space since the conversion. The book store structure was razed in December 2018 for a new barn like structure that will house a new steakhouse restaurant.


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Inventory Data:

StreetMain St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameDr. Cyrus W. Scott
Present UseRetail
Original Useresidence & office
Construction Date1897
Architectural StyleGeorgian Revival
Architect/BuilderArchitect Allen of Lawrence
Foundationstone & granite
Roofasphalt - hip
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresformer carriage house & barn now Andover Book Store
Major Alterations1963 - Home was engulfed into retail space of Old Andover Village development.
Conditionretail conversion
Map and parcel55-125
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredMarch 13, 2014