9 - 11 Barnard Street

Architectural Description: 

Simple rectangular facade, with store front on main level and office space above. Built as shoe manufacturing plant and office of Jacob Barnard.

Historical Narrative: 

The “brick” Barnard building on the corner of Main & Barnard Streets was constructed in 1883 on the site of the former Shed House. That was the second Barnard building on Main Street and was often prefaced with the word “brick” to avoid confusion with their wooden Barnard building formerly across the street at #27-29-31 Main St., after its construction.

Jacob W. Barnard, son of Jacob & Hannah (Goldsmith) Barnard, learned the trade of cobbler and began a shoe and boot manufacturing business about 1853. He moved the manufacturing into the old National Bank building #23 Main St. in1859. Then moved into # 31 Main St. again expanding his business. Barnard purchased the Shed property across the street, from the Shed family estate in 1882. The Shed house was lifted off its foundation, turned and moved back on the lot, which later became 17 Barnard Court, Barnard St. officially became a street in 1891. Barnard then built the Brick Block on the site of the former Shed house and two years later this new manufacturing building for his business in 1885.

Jacob W. Barnard was a shrewd businessman and began to invest in real estate and the investment market in Boston. His sound judgment and advice was prized but many who knew him. He employed nearly 200 people in his shoe business which continued until 1931. At the time of Jacob’s death on Sept. 4, 1903 he was the largest real estate owner in Andover with additional holdings in Boston, Lawrence and Newmarket, NH. Mr. Barnard was also the chief director of the Andover Electric Company at the time it merged with the Lawrence Gas Company. He had a keen interest in Punchard High School and established a fund for the Barnard prizes for composition in 1899.

Jacob W. married Eliza Jane Foster b. 1840 and the couple had two children; son Henry Warren born Nov. 5, 1868 and daughter Gertrude who married Francis Bergstrom.
Henry W. became a partner in his father’s firm and J. W. Barnard & Son was established in 1894 with Henry in general charge of the company.

The building and the entire block from Main St. to Bartlet St. is now owned by the Lally II Real Estate Trust but remains connected with the original Barnard family as Patricia Barnard, daughter of W. Shirley Barnard, married Richard W. Lally and inherited the property.

The following Andover Advertiser items speak to the construction of both buildings.
May 4, 1883 pg. 2 col. 8 - J.W. Barnard is to erect a brick block this season, on Main Street, next south of the town hall. The main building will be 58 feet on Main Street, and running back 35 feet. There will be a one story extension in the rear, 34 feet by 35 feet. It will be arranged for five stores. The contractors for the work will be Messer's Abbott & Jenkins of this town, and the cellar and brick work are done by Messer’s Chadbourne and Locke of Lawrence. Besides the contractors Messer’s E. N. Hutchinson & Co., and J. A. Couch of Lawrence, and E. O. Stevens of this town, furnished proposals for the wood work, and Moses V. Gleason of this town, estimated for the cellar and brick work. It is expected that the building will be completed in August.
Dec. 14, 1883 pg. 2 col. 9 - All the five shops and stores in the first story of Barnard’s new brick block are now let and most of them occupied, and the rooms in the second story are all engaged when completed.

March 13, 1885 pg. 2, col. 9 - J. W. Barnard will soon erect a two story building on his vacant lot, south side of town hall. It will be occupied by Mr. Barnard for his own business purpose.
May 29, 1885 pg. 2 col. 6 - E. [Erastus] Gile and Son have commenced laying brick on Barnard’s new building, south of the town house
Sept. 18, 1885 pg. 2, col. 9 - J. W. Barnard has removed to his business block just finished, on the south side of the town hall. His office is finely fitted up with new furniture.

Jan. 4, 1901 AT p1 – Albert Wood of Haverhill has been engaged as foreman of J. W. Barnard & Son’s shoe factory. Mr. Wood conducted a shoe store in the old bank building for five years and a half before the store was purchased by J. E. Sears. After giving up the business here he went to Haverhill and went into business. This is not the first time that he has been connected in a business way with J. W. Barnard for he was employed by the latter twenty years ago. Mr. Wood married a daughter of the late John W. Tough.

Andover Advertiser news items;
Dec. 16, 1854 AA – Boot & Shoe Store – Removal – J. W. Barnard removed to the store formerly occupied by Jonathan Swift, No. 8 Main Street.
Feb. 16, 1856 AA - J. W. Barnard’s - Boot & shoe business, #8 Main Street. cork soles & rubber boots.
Oct. 15, 1859 AA – Boots Cheep – Barnard & Roberts, Bank building Main Street. – Now connected with the wholesale store in Boston – 171 Hanover St. Boston
Nov. 5, 1859 AA– Ladies & Gentlemen’s Skates – Barnard & Roberts
March 4, 1865 AA– Notice; [This notice was placed in the Andover Advertiser by Barnard in rebuttal to David Gray’s clever poem advert. the previous week. Gray also responded to the Barnard notice.]
"At Barnard’s Store on Main Street, Is where they do their cobbling neat,
They will no leather use but what is prime, Your boots they will tap for seven and a half dimes. And some may ask why work is done, In other shop for less a sum,
To this we answer never did we use, Belting leather to tap boots and shoes – Feb. 25, 1865"

Other former tenants;
La Rosa’s, 7-11 Barnard Street (2009-present)
Mawby’s. 7 Barnard (2007-2009)
Blue Cow, 7 Barnard (1997-abt.2005 - Brian Arsenault, of No. Andover, bought Butlers Pantry, a fire in 1999 closed store for renovations then opened at the Blue Cow)
Butler’s Pantry, 7-11 (1972-1997 - owners Toni & John Weber)
The Great American Ice Cream Machine (and frozen yogurt) (1975/77)
Town Tailoring & Cleaning (1960) - (new location)
Private Laundry (Jeanet Skelly) (1950)
Arrow Cleansing, Dyeing & Laundry (1955)
Blood’s Beehive Bakery (1939/40)
Andover Pork Store (1926)
L. Elliot, “pork & provisions) (1913)
J. P. West Pure Food Bakery, 11 Barnard, - 1904-1910
John Wakefield, 11 Barnard (1910-1916?) - AT - June 24, 1910 – J. P. Wakefield to move store on Main Street (#18) to Barnard St. formerly owned by J. P. West.
AT - July 8, 1910 pg 1 - J. P. Wakefield has moved out from his meat market on Main St. into his new quarters on Barnard St.
H.A. Ramsdell, 7 Barnard, picture framing (1903/08)
“The Cordial Shop” of James Greeley, 1934, town’s first package store (11 Barnard)
“The Cordial Shop” J. W. McNally, 1947 - Imported & Domestic Liquors
Greeley’s Package Store, 11 Barnard (1950)


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Inventory Data:

StreetBarnard St
PlaceAndover Center District
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameJacob Barnard Shoe Manufacturing & Office building
Present Usebusniss/retail
Original UseBarnard office & shoe shop
Construction Date1885
Architectural StyleOther
Architect/BuilderErastus Gile/mason
Wall/Trimbrick/wood/vinyl siding
Roofasphalt - shallow shed
Map and parcel39-28
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 12/7/2016