13-15-17 Essex Street
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Architectural Description: 

The rectangular brick facade with triangular center pediment is a nod to the former Post Office building across the street built in 1916. The new business block contained three storefronts when opened under the address numbers 13-15-17. The center store being the largest space.

When Purity Cleansers opened in the building (1945) the entire brick facade and east wall were painted with advertising and the store name. It is still visible today

Historical Narrative: 

The current restaurant Andolinis' is listed as 19 Essex St. but is actually two separate commercial buildings that were purchased at different times and annexed together as the owners expanded the restaurant's operation into #17 and 15 Essex St. storefronts. 13-15-17 Essex St. was built in 1922 and 19 Essex St. a few years later about 1930-31.

This parcel of land once extending between Essex St. to Pearson St. has been a central location to Andover’s business center since the construction of the Andover–Wilmington Railroad in 1838. The railroad depot was located on the lot to the east where the rear entrance to the library is now located. The rail tracks were laid along the current driveway through the parking lot. On this site were the original railroad sheds and barns for building railroad cars and storing related equipment. The railroad was extended to Haverhill and later acquired by the Boston & Maine RR. The line was relocated to the present day route about 1848 to provide service to the new City of Lawrence. The old line was abandoned and sold off to individual parties.

Jacob Chickering purchased this lot just east of his home on Essex St. Chickering was a carpenter and built many fine homes and buildings in town including the Baptist Church and the Gothic Revival house at 34 Essex St. Chickering used the former rail sheds for wood storage and later as workshops for his piano factory.
Andover Advertiser Saturday July 24, 1858
Jacob Chickering is erecting a building near his piano forte manufactory, 116 feet long by 84 wide, one story, with an addition 35 by 86, two stories. The commodious rooms thus furnished are to be used for varnishing, polishing, stringing and completing the instruments made in the establishment and for a ware-room. The finishing work has heretofore been done in Boston. The building formerly occupied by Thomas Clark for a paint shop, and now located quite near the piano forte manufactory, it to be removed on to Essex Street, and will be fitted up for mechanical or mercantile business. All the cabinet work was done here and then shipped to Boston for final assembly. In March of 1865 Chickering, now age 58, sold his carpentry shops to local contractors George Lewis Abbott & Moses Clement forming Abbott & Clement.

Abbott & Clement. built a substantial number of buildings in town after the end of the Civil War. Moses Clement died in July 1867 age 56. Abbott and William S. Jenkins formed a new partnership “Abbott & Jenkins” on Feb. 18, 1874. Jenkins cost to own half of the business was $4750. The firm ended 15 years later with the death of George Abbott in May 1889. Jenkins now 65 years old sold the business to Lewis T. Hardy & Joseph F. Cole on Jan. 1, 1890. Hardy & Cole would continue in the construction tradition. Their office was in the wooden one story building on this site and shared with Edwin H. Barnard a house, sign and carriage painter. Barnard sold his business in 1893 to D. Donovan & Son House Painters & paper hangers.

Hardy & Cole acquired the Low Estate at 70 North Main St. and built Lewis St. & Buxton Court. They then built new workshops at that location which now includes the Town Yard. Hardy & Cole sold the Essex Street property to George F. Smith on Dec. 15, 1915. Lewis Hardy died in Dec. 1916 at age 67 and Joseph Cole in Dec. 1925 at the age of 74.

George F. Smith of the Smith and Dove Co. held the property for seven years. Smith sold the lot to John Dagdigian & Avedis & Prophon Ozoonian on Mar. 2, 1922

The Andover Townsman (AT) Mar. 17, 1922–p. 1 col. 5 - Shoe Business Coming to Andover – lot fronting on Essex Street opposite the Post Office, former site of Hardy & Cole Mill and Donovan’s paint Shop and more recently owned by George Smith of the Smith & Dove Co. was bought by John Dagdigian and Bagdasr Ozoonian for $50,000. Barn, open sheds and shop formerly used to store lumber – being altered for Velva Shoe Manufacturing Co.

AT - Apr. 7, 1922 - p.7 -New Building on Essex St. - Work has begun on the new building to be erected on land recently purchased from George Smith by John Dagdigian and Basdasr Ozoonian. The plans prepared by Ashton, Huntress and Alter of Lawrence, provide for a one story building with a sixty foot front and forty feet deep. The front is to be of brick and the sides of cement. The building will accommodated four store fronts and part of the space is already let. The contractor is Harry Ruben of Boston.

Bagdigian & Ozoonian built the current brick block that now stands on this site at 13-17 Essex St. The rectangular brick facade with triangular center pediment is a nod to the former Post Office building across the street built in 1916. The new business block contained three storefronts when opened later that year under the address numbers 13-15-17. AT - Sept. 3, 1922 p.5 – Beauty Parlor Opens on Essex Street - Mrs. Jeannette Roache and Mrs. B. R. Fallon opened for business in the new brick block on Essex Street opposite the post office under the name of “Jeannette’s Beauty Parlor” [Fallon is the mother of Jeannette Roache – nice advert. 9/22/22 Bridie R. Fallon and Jeannette Fallon- hairdressers] James H. & Arthur T. Lew opened a laundry and tailoring business in #13 under the name J. H. Lew Co. in 1923 and were listed at #17 in 1928. #13 then held the Essex St. Home Bakery of Albert H. Hodge formerly on Park St. In 1932 it was Bell’s Home Bakery, David Bell prop. then Stewart’s Home Bakery 1935 of James C. Stewart.

Vartar Dagdigian & John Dagdigian became business partners and acquired the property on Feb. 16, 1924. A year later sold to Elias Esoian in Feb. 1925. Esoian mortgaged the property through the Atlantic Co-Operative Bank. Esoian opened the Essex Shoe Store & repairs. With the Great Depression Esoian lost the building to the bank in May 1932. Atlantic Co-Operative held the property for 12 years before selling to Leslie F. Powers in Aug. 1944.

Harold E. Haseltine purchased the building on Nov. 1944 then sold three months later Saverio (Sam) & Marjorie F. Santore of Lawrence on Feb. 15, 1945. The Santore family owned Purity Cleansers Inc. in Lawrence since 1941. The Townsman Sept. 20, 1945 announces the recently opened business at 13 Essex St. run with a photo of the building and Sam Santore. "The building was entirely remodeled and repaired. The equipment includes three washers, two extractors, two tumblers, filter machinery, steam-heated drying cabinet, electric-steam iron, steam presses, etc. The plant is spotlessly clean, and all thee machinery is very modern. Joseph Fasulo, who has been in the business for 25 years, is in charge of operations and spotting at the local plant. Ralph Santore superintends the machinery, Mary Trainor is bookkeeper." The deed transfer in Jan. 1948 listing Saverio Santore as President of the company.
The building facade was painted with the name of the laundry and is still visible today on the pediment and east side wall. The Purity Cleansers used the entire building by 1945.
Santore sold the building in 1964 to Edmund F. Leland III. Next owners Raymond H. Lloyd 1969,

Christian Tepee, Inc. March 1973, Robert Zollner president, David W. Hepworth treas., Roger H. Lewis sec.

Siblings Richard Deangelis & Bernadette Deangelis purchased parcel #1 the building at #19 on Nov. 17, 1978. The following year on Dec. 27, 1979 bought parcel #2. the building at 13-15-17 Essex st. In Dec. 1998 Nineteen Essex St. Realty Trust – Christos Pappadopoulos Tr. Purchased the business and property and both "Glory" now "Andolini’s" restaurants are owned and operated by the family. In 2012 a new take-out restaurant-deli "Sauce" opened at #13. An outdoor seating area on the east side of the building is also available for dining.
The view of the rear addition of the Library and the driveway is the original location of the Andover & Wilmington Rail Road line and the depot 1836-1848. - See #9 Essex St.

Other tenants in the building at #15 Paul A. Ward opened Ward’s Lunch 1933-1936, and at #17 were Joseph Batal dry goods 1932, and Tongue’s Antique Store - Luther B. Tongue prop. in 1937.
#13 Mass. Heart Assoc., Essex North Chapter, (1962) Christian Tepee, Inc. 1973 – 1978 Whitney’s & Store of Gypsies.

#19 Essex Street is mentioned in the deed of Sarah Resnik to Hyman Robinowitz in May 1931. This is the adjoining building to the west. Fred W. Perkins opened the Central Lunch (1932) then changed the name to Fred’s Lunch by 1935, still in operation under his name in 1953 but with George White of North Woburn as proprietor. It was known as "Whiteys" then and in September 1953 became Anchors Aweigh of Andover (Lew Clement’s) Restaurant & Lounge. Then the upscale Proof of the Pudding in 1971 owners were Dennis & Chase Shaughnnessy. Richard Deangelis & Bernadette Deangelis then opened Backstreet Restaurant (1970’s -1998) which became a very popular restaurant in Andover and a destination north of Boston, due to the stellar menu and live music entertainment on the weekends. The restaurant later expanded into the #17 & 15 occupying the entire space. The property was sold in Dec. 1998 to Christos Pappadopoulos, Trustee of 19 Essex Street Realty Trust. Backstreet became Glory, (2000-2011) and the Andolini’s (2011-2020) and a new addition at #13 Sauce burgers (2012-13) Andolini's became Daxi at #19 owned by Spiro Pappadopoulos in April 2022, but a fire in the building in Nov. 2022 closed all the businesses.


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See plans # 1263 Atlantic Co-operative Bank, parcel #2
#2145 – July 1944 – parcel #1

Inventory Data:

StreetEssex St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NamePurity Building
Present UseRestaurant
Original UseRetail / Commercial
Construction Date1922
SourceDr. Alfred Poore
Architectural StyleOther
Architect/BuilderAshton, Huntress and Alter/ contractor Harry Ruben
Foundationstone and brick
Wall/TrimBrick and wood trim
Major Alterationsbuilt 1922 as three stores Remodeled in 1970's for restaurant. Several facade updates most recent 2011 A fire in Nov. 2022 closed the businesses in the building. A second fire in 2023 attributed to the razing of the building in Feb. 2024.
Demolition DetailsFire in Nov. 2022 and a second in 2023 forced demolition in Feb. 2024
Acreageless than one acre, 19,420 sq. ft. With 123' approximate frontage
Map and parcel55-68
Recorded byStack/Mofford
OrganizationAndover Historical Commission
Date entered1975-77