9 Central Street
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Architectural Description: 

Simple cottage with front gable end to the street. Front porch,

Historical Narrative: 

9 Central Street - West side

The current paring lot owned by 23 Main Street LLC, "Bank of America", was purchased by the Bank Boston, (formerly Bay Bank and Merrimack Vally National Bank) on December 17, 1987. The following year the former cottage that stood next to the "right of way" behind the Baptist Church was razed for additional parking for the bank employees.

This land was used as a right of way to the rear of the Swift store at 10 Essex St, later H. P. Beard & Co.and then Smith, Manning & Co., for loading and unloading goods and supplies to their market. At one time the Andover & Wilmington Railroad cross the west end of this property as it moved on to the Andover Depot at 11 Essex St. , Now the location of the back wing of the Memorial Hall Library.

Nathaniel Swift sold his business in February 1853 to Carleton & Derby. Feb. 19, 1853 Andover Advertiser - B. Farnham Carleton & Benjamin P. Derby - New furniture at the old stand, the store recently occupied by Nathaniel Swift on Essex Street. Dry Goods, & groceries…Agricultural implements.
Aug. 5, 1865 AA – “Dissolve partnership of Dodge & Beard (July 31, 1865) New firm of
H. P. Beard & Co. – Horace P. Beard, John L. Smith & Albert S. Manning” A year later the new firm would relocated to 10 Essex St. building.
July 27, 1866 AA – “Nathaniel Swift sells his store on Essex Street to Horace P. Beard for $8000. The lot is 40’ on Essex St. & 105’ on Central St. ……

It appears from the line of the deeds, that Beard borrowed money for the new business and used the lot of land at 9 Central St. to acquire a mortgage. Beard took a loan from Gilbert Barnard's estate on June 30, 1866. His wife Hannah Barnard held the remaining mortgage of $4000.

H. P. Beard & Co. was doing a good business at the new location, but on July 20, 1871 Beard died unexpectedly. July 21, 1871 AA – “Mr. Horace P. Beard, senior partner of H. P. Beard & Co. dies – obit – came to Andover about 20 years age –for a short time employed in the store of C. G. McNeil – in a few years McNeil gave up his business and Beard engaged in his own account. [The grocery stores of Messrs Holt & Higgins, E.R. Farnsworth & Co, and H. W. Abbott, will be closed tomorrow 2-5 for the funeral of H. P. Beard.” His partners then took over the business.

August 25, 1871 – AA “Mr. John L. Smith & Albert S. Manning, of the late firm of H. P. Beard & Co. and Mr. Isaac S. Carruth, for many years a clerk in the store, have formed a co-partnership and will continue the business under the firm of Smith, Manning & Co. They are efficient and worthy young men, and will no doubt fully sustain the popularity of the store, and merit the extensive patronage it has so long received.”

The Beard estate had to be settled. Hannah Barnard held the mortgage deed to the Central St. property. She quit claimed the lot on Feb. 1, 1872.
Smith & Manning assumed the business debts. James Johnson made a claim on the Beard estate as Johnson had paid James S. Dodge $1000. for a share and interest in the property. Johnson was paid $1500. by James L. Smith. The business men then released 1 undivided half of the lot on Central St. Johnson then sold back to Smith and Manning but held the mtg. Johnson took possession on March 16, 1875 and the mortgage was then sold at auction to Samuel Gray on April 5, 1875.

The property then went to Margaret Gray who lived at 12 Central St. She rented the house out then sold the property to Eatenton Jenkins on Nov. 29, 1913. Eatenton Jenkins also owned 70 North Main Street so this home may have been rental property. Eatenton Jenkins estate, about 1949. Heirs, John H. Jenkins, James Jenkins, Luella (Shannon ) Freeman, & John J. Ware all of Hamilton Co. Tennessee. The Jenkins family sold to Alexander Yancy on July 26, 1950. The Yancy family lived here until the bank purchased the property in 1987.

In 1904, a Mrs. Sarah McCreadie, seamstress and dressmaker, rents, with her son William. In 1908 Florence McCreadie is also listed along with William Knipe a plumber who may have been using the basement space.


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Twenty Three Main St. LLC – Sept. 1, 1998 - b. 5168 p. 21

Inventory Data:

StreetCentral St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictCentral Street NRH District
Historic NameEatenton Jenkins - Alexander Yancy house
Present Useparking lot
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1870's
Architectural StyleOther
Foundationstone and brick
Demolition Details1988
Acreageless than one acre
Map and parcel55-49
MHC NumberANV.1184
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredApril 17, 2014