99 Corbertt Street

Historical Narrative: 

United Lebanese Cemetery is located at 99 Corbett Street. The cemetery contains 4 acres of land on the east side of the road and an additional 4 acres 5 rods on the west side beyond the north boundary of Sacred Heart Cemetery. The land on the west side of Corbett St. was once part of the George Luscomb farm who acquired the property in 1917.

This parcel of land between Sylvester and Juliette Streets was once a wooded lot of five acre 79 rods and owned by Theodore Poor, wife Sarah in 1838. Poor sold the lot to Sally Foster on June 19, 1838, with the wood on the lot, for $137. Sally Foster owned until her death. Issac Foster was the executor of her estate and then sold the lot for $725. to Joseph Shattuck Jr. & Charles W. Shattuck on Oct. 31, 1871.

Benjamin Stevens purchased the lot for $300. on June 30, 1874 and owned for 32 years. The parcel was then sold to Simeon A. Woodbury on May 8, 1906 who then transferred the property to Hanna "John" Skeirik and (wife) Fareedi Skeirik that day. There was a home built near the north east corner of the property when John Skeirik sold about four acres to the United Syrian Society Cemetery Corp. on Dec. 31, 1907, but reserved a right of way to pass on foot or double team of horses from Corbett St. to his property. (See map #1604 May 1945)The Skeirik home is listed as 115 Corbertt St. in Andover but access address is 160 Sylvester St. in Lawrence.

The Andover Town Warrant in 1909 March 1, 1909 at the Town House - Article #15 To see id the Town will grant permission to the "United Syrian Society Cemetery Corp." to use for cemetery purposes the following described land to wit: A parcel of land situated in the northerly part of the Town of Andover bounded and described as follows; westerly by Corbett Street, about 250 feet, southerly by land now or late of Curran & Joyce, about 250 feet, easterly by land of Skeirik, formerly of Stevens 250 feet; northerly by land of Skeirik about 250 feet on petition of the United Syrian Society Cemetery Corp. Article passed.

The Cemetery Corp. took a mortgage on the property for $452. through John Skeirik on March 16, 1909 and it was discharged on Oct. 7, 1910. John conveyed the greater portion of his property to the Cemetery Corporation on Aug. 16, 1910. Kalil Marawy was the President and Aziz Abdo the Treasurer.

The Cemetery now under the name of "United Lebanese Cemetery" has served the communities of Lawrence and Andover for 106 years in 2016.


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Inventory Data:

StreetCorbertt St
PlaceShawsheen Village - Frye Village
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameUnited Lebanese Cemetery
Present UseCemetery
Original UseCemetery
Construction Date1909 - 1910
Architectural StyleOther
Outbuildings / Secondary StructuresTomb, utility shed
Acreage4.0 acres
Map and parcel51-90A
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredApril 12, 2016