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Found 7 buildings with architectural style: International.
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address construction date historic district architectural style
McArdle Building & Reading Co-operative Bank 2014 18-20 Central Street
McArdle Building
1957 Central Street NRH District International
64 Cheever Cir. - 1980 64 Cheever Circle
Neill, Florence M. House
1950 Not Applicable International
244 Lowell Street
Unitarian Universalist Church
1965 - 1966 Not Applicable International
Whole Foods Market 2014 in the old TRCo annex 40 Railroad Street
Tyer Rubber Co. Annex
1953 - 1954 Andover Village Industrial NRH District International
81 Reservation Rd 81 Reservation Road
George S. & Marian D. Laaff House
1957 - 1958 Not Applicable International
56 Salem St 56 Salem Street
Munro Leaf House
1958 Andover Historic Building Survey International
81 Sunset Rock Road north front facade 81 Sunset Rock Road
Vito & Florence Grieco House
1954 - 1955 Andover Historic Building Survey International

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