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Found 5 buildings on Dascomb Rd.
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address construction date historic district architectural style
59 Dascomb Rd 59 Dascomb Road
Hall, John W. House and Chicken Farm
1909-1911 Not Applicable Colonial Revival
72 Dascomb Rd 72 Dascomb Road
Clark, Nathan House
early 19th century Not Applicable Federal
73 Dascomb Rd 73 Dascomb Road
Charles & Catherine Davies House
1893 -1895 Not Applicable Queen Anne
103 Dascomb Rd 103 Dascomb Road
Pillsbury - French House
1790's Individual National Register Listing Georgian
125 Dascomb Rd 125 Dascomb Road
Dascomb, Jacob House
1758 Individual National Register Listing Georgian

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