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Found 9 buildings on High Plain Rd.
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address construction date historic district architectural style
7 High Plain Rd 7 High Plain Road
Herman Phelps Farm
1873 Not Applicable Italianate
Nov. 2014 47 High Plain Road
Joseph Chandler - George M. Carter Farm
1880 Not Applicable Other
233 High Plain Rd.
Abbott - Shattuck - Noyes house
circa 1718 Not Applicable Georgian
Oct. 2013 - moved 1982 from 125 River Rd. 239 High Plain Rd
Abbott - Shattuck Farm
circa 1728 Georgian
Oct. 2013 - former Paddy Burke house and Country Store 243 High Plain Road
Paddy Burke House - Country Store
circa 1760 Not Applicable Other
278 High Plain Rd - 1992 278 High Plain Road
Barker Place, Lake View Farm
1880 Not Applicable Other
408 High Plain Road
Hyde - Boutwell House
mid - 19th century Not Applicable Other
June 3, 2014 410 High Plain Road
Boutwell Barn
1855 - 1860 Not Applicable Other
412 High Plain Rd 412 High Plain Road
Kearn House
1984 Not Applicable Other

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