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Found 5 buildings with architectural style: Stick.
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address construction date historic district architectural style
213 Andover St 213 Andover Street
Ballard Vale Mills Fire House, Bradlee Fire House
late 19th century Ballardvale Local Historic District Stick
44-46 Elm St 42-46 Elm Street
Hodgetts - Hickey House
1873 - 1880 Not Applicable Stick
48 Elm St 48 Elm Street
Lemuel H. Eames House
1879 - 1880 Not Applicable Stick
74-76 Main St 74-78 Main Street
Dr. Stephen Tracy house - Barnard Arms
1858 Not Applicable Stick
48 Summer St 48 Summer Street
Bodwell - Young - McDonald House
1882 Not Applicable Stick

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