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Found 13 buildings on Porter Rd.
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address construction date historic district architectural style
5 Porter Rd 5 Porter Road
Forbes House/Mansion
1894 summer Not Applicable Georgian Revival
2019 - 10 Porter Rd 10 Porter Road
Margaret (Grindell) & John A. Towle House
1907 Andover Historic Building Survey Craftsman/Bungalow
15-17 Porter Rd 15-17 Porter Road
Abbott, Asa Albert and Sylvester - Double House
1839 third house on site Individual National Register Listing Greek Revival
16 Porter Rd 16 Porter Road
Edmond & Bethea Hammond House
1926 - 1927 Andover Historic Building Survey Tudor Revival
33 Porter Rd 33 Porter Road
Whitehill - Manning house
1914 - 1920 Not Applicable Craftsman/Bungalow
37 Porter Rd 37 Porter Road
Manning, Thomas House
1758 Individual National Register Listing Georgian
41 Porter Rd. Oct. 2014 39 Porter Rd
Disbrow–Manning house
circa 1915 Not Applicable Craftsman/Bungalow
May 2016 44 Porter Road
Deland - Brooks - Farnsworth House
1883 -1884 Andover Historic Building Survey Other
52 Porter Rd 52 Porter Road
Hackett, John - Sanborn, Henry C. House
1849 early 19th century Not Applicable Greek Revival
61 Porter Rd 61 Porter Road
Blunt, William - Shedd House
ca. 1724, 18th century, deeds to lot are dated earlier Not Applicable Georgian
62 Porter Rd 62 Porter Road
Hackett, William House
c.1849 Not Applicable Greek Revival
82 Porter Rd 82 Porter Road
How - Hayward House
early 18th century (possibly 1/2 even 1st period) Not Applicable Georgian
93 Porter Rd 93 Porter Road
Dearborn House
1829 Not Applicable Greek Revival

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