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Found 16 buildings with architectural style: First Period.
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address construction date historic district architectural style
Circa 1900 - 2 Abbott Bridge Rd
Ballard Foster House
1660, 1750 Andover Historic Building Survey First Period
9 Andover St 9 Andover Street
Abbot, Benjamin House
1685 - 1711 definitely First Period Individual National Register Listing First Period
Ballardvale Dam 1967 210 Andover Street
Ballardvale Dam
1753 Ballardvale Local Historic District, Ballardvale National Register District First Period
5 Argilla Rd 5 Argilla Road
Abbot, Thomas - Baker, Dr. Symonds House
1685 Individual National Register Listing First Period
57 Central St 57 Central Street
John Lovejoy Abbot House
1678 Central Street NRH District First Period
no image available 96 Central Street
Foster Homestead
1660 Individual National Register Listing First Period
Haggett - Chase house circa 1900 west view 36 Haggetts Pond Road
Moses Haggett - Seth Chase House
1710 - 1720 First Period
7 Hearthstone Pl 7 Hearthstone Place
Blanchard - Upton House
1699 - 1701 Individual National Register Listing First Period
101 Holt Rd 101 Holt Road
Holt House
ca. 1700/circa1740 Not Applicable First Period
88 Lowell St - Nov. 2014 88 Lowell Street
Chandler - Bigsby - Abbot House
c. 1673 Individual National Register Listing First Period
108 Lowell St 108 Lowell Street
Mooar House
circa 1692 Not Applicable First Period
62 Osgood St. now 7 Hearthstone Place 62 Osgood St
Blanchard - Upton House
circa 1700 Not Applicable First Period
Samuel Frye Homstead 49 Poor Street
Enoch Frye House
1710 - 1720 First Period
212 Salem St 212 Salem Street
Gray, Robert House
ca. 1700 (owner says 1765 1st definite house date) Not Applicable First Period
373 South Main St 373 South Main Street
Holt, Jonathan - Cogswell, Samuel House
1740 Not Applicable First Period
Holt - Cummings - Jenkins Homestead 1901 24 Wildwood Road
John Holt - Daniel Cummings - Ebenezer Jenkins House
1705-1713 Not Applicable First Period

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