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Found 12 buildings on Phillips St.
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address construction date historic district architectural style
21 Phillips St 21 Phillips Street
Farrar, Samuel House
c. 1810 Academy Hill NRH District Federal
Dove-Hayes-Urich house 1990 24 Phillips Street
Dove - Hayes House
1896 Academy Hill NRH District Colonial Revival
Hayward House 2018 25 Phillips Street
Hayward House - Phillips Academy
c. 1790's (in Boxford) Academy Hill NRH District Federal
26 Phillips Street 26 Phillips Street
Dorothy & Douglas S. Byers House
1930 - 1931 Academy Hill NRH District Georgian Revival
24 Phillips St 28 Phillips Street
Aaron Cummings House
1865 Academy Hill NRH District Gothic Revival
32 Phillips St 32 Phillips Street
Williston House - Phillips Academy
1891 Academy Hill NRH District Queen Anne
34 Phillips St 34 Phillips Street 1941 Academy Hill NRH District Other
38 Phillips St 38 Phillips Street
Barton Chapin House - Phillips Academy
c.1820s-30s Academy Hill NRH District Colonial Revival
50 Abbot St 48 Phillips Street
Smith-Means-Chapin Carriage House
1890s Not Applicable Shingle
formerly 50 Abbot St. now 50 Phillips St. - photo 1976 50 Phillips Street
Smith-Means-Chapin house
1890s Not Applicable Shingle
1896 Amos Blanchard House - later Williams Hall 53 Phillips Street
Amos Blanchard house - Williams Hall - Phillips Academy
1890 Academy Hill NRH District Georgian Revival
68 Phillips St 68 Phillips Street
Poor, Dea. Daniel - Cogswell, Francis House
1763 Central Street NRH District Georgian Revival

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