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Found 16 buildings on Maple Av.
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address construction date historic district architectural style
no image available All Maple Avenue 1875-1900 Not Applicable Other
6/12/2019 4 Maple Ave
Eames - Gordon House
abt. 1898 Andover Historic Building Survey Queen Anne
6-12 Maple Av 6-12 Maple Avenue
Wilbur, Rev. Henry House; "Wilbur's Ark"
1878 Andover Historic Building Survey Second Empire
7-9 Maple St - 2007 7-9 Maple Av
John E. Whiting House
1889 Not Applicable Queen Anne
Sept. 7, 2018 18 Wolcott Avenue
Jessie M. & James S. May House
1907-1910 Not Applicable Colonial Revival
23 Maple Av 23 Maple Avenue
John H. & Eunice Chandler House
1878 - 1880 Not Applicable Colonial Revival
28 Maple Av 28 Maple Avenue
Moses V. Gleason House
1875 Not Applicable Second Empire
37 Maple Av 37 Maple Avenue
Henry H. Bodwell House
1882 - 1883 Not Applicable Second Empire
54 Maple Avenue
Mary Dillaway House
1822-1824 Andover Historic Building Survey Federal
55 Maple Avenue
Lamont - Dugan House
1895 Andover Historic Building Survey Queen Anne
56-58 Maple Av 56-58 Maple Avenue 1900's Not Applicable Queen Anne
60-62 Maple Av 60-62 Maple Avenue 1907 - 1914 Not Applicable Queen Anne
64-66 Maple Av 64-66 Maple Avenue 1913-1919 Not Applicable Queen Anne
69 Maple Av 69 Maple Ave
Justin S & Catherine Clark House
1897 Not Applicable Queen Anne
78 Maple Av 78 Maple Avenue
George S. & N. Emiline Cole House
1883 Not Applicable Italianate
Shawshin Engine House 78 Maple Ave
Shawshin Engine House
1850 Not Applicable Greek Revival

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